In Awe

Pregnancy has always come easy for Bret and I. This time around was no exception. Even still when I took the first pregnancy test it was to reassure myself that it would be OK to drink that fateful Friday night. Not because I really thought I was pregnant already.

Everytime I have gotten a positive pregnancy test there is a rush of feelings. Surprise (even though I probably shouldn't be), overwhelmed that this new journey has already begun, fear that there was no turning back now, and most of all excitement and awe.

I tried to think of a fun way to tell Bret this time (hopefully last) that we were expecting again. To be honest I was still in a little shock so I simply left the test on the bathroom counter. He found it right away when he come home from lunch and smiled when he came out of the bathroom.

Yesterday I stopped by the clinic to meet Bret for lunch. He snuck me back to the sonogram room and we had our first little sonogram. There, at nine weeks was our baby. A tiny flicker showed a heart beat and everything looked great and right on track. Second most important...there was only one.

We have done this before. Three times in fact with three completely different human beings that bless our lives everyday in more ways that we could ever have anticipated.

When I look at the screen I wonder, boy or girl?, will the baby have blond hair like Emily and Logan or strawberry brown like Palmer, will it be fearless like Emily or cautious like Palmer, will it be a cuddler like Logan? Each of our children is so completely different yet so much a like. There are so many parts of both Bret and I that we are always amazed to see them show more of who they will someday be. There is not a single day that we don't smile or laugh because of one of the kids. It is exciting to think about how much our lives will continued to be blessed by this new little one that is on it's way.

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Aww I love this post! Congratulations!!
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