Once upon a time (2003) these two crazy kids said yes.  They said yes I will marry you, yes I will love you for ever, and yes to what ever may come our way.
So what happend to come our way was first the princess...Emily Grace.  She is now 7 years old who loves life to the very fullest.
 A few years later came the boys.  Palmer James is 4 and keeps us all on our toes.  He is a bright and caring little boy that loves anything electronic.  A few years after that came Logan who is our blessing.  He is fiercly independent, adores his siblings, and gives the best kisses.

Our journey through life has led us through medical school/grad school and then moving across the country to the great state of PA for residency.  While my husband worked countless hours I worked to build us a home in our new town and keep the daily grind moving forward.  Saying yes a few years ago has brought us through life's greatest joys and deepest struggles and hardships still in one piece.

With much joy (and a lot of work) this past June we moved our family once again back to the state of KS to a small town to begin this new chapter.

This blog is a recording of our daily lives, the ups and downs of a mom who is married to her best friend and trying to raise three amazing kids, and an outlet for my creativity.  Welcome and thank you for sharing a part of it!