Things that Come Up

Once a month Bret gets together with a group of guys for poker night. He has made some great new friends and really looks forward to getting together. He is usually a little sore the next morning from laughing so hard. The beer doesn't help.

This past month shortly after Bret got home from poker I was stunned to get several text messages from the other wives congratulating me on our "news". When I confronted Bret he sheepishly grinned and said, "yeah I guess it sort of came up at poker".

So there you have it. We are expecting our fourth (and probably last) baby at the end of October. Bret outed me at poker even though we were only a few weeks along and had yet to tell our families. So early the next morning I frantically started calling my sister, SIL, and MIL before anything showed up on facebook.

I had been pinning ideas on pinterest about fun announcements with cards or pictures but instead we have poker night. I gave Bret a little bit of a hard time trying to figure out how something like that comes up but oh well. We have always waited until 12 weeks to tell anyone but I guess this time is different. Then a few days later my mom came over for lunch and as we were all sitting at the table Bret told my mom...and the kids. Again..not part of the plan.

The kids are over the moon excited as are we and our family/friends.

Now I am going to go lay down and eat some saltines because I still feel like crap.


Stephanie said...

Sheesh, with the pregnancy hormones, hubby might've been sleepin on the couch after that.

Congrats, Adriana!

Hope you feel better soon!

randi said...

Congratulations! You can still have fun revealing the gender...if Brett doesn't have Poker night right after you find out :).

Kim said...

You're on 4..and I've yet to have one. I am such an under achiever. Can I live vicariously through you?