It has been a long time since I have written here.  Seems kind of crazy because I have written a million posts in my head.  I feel like something is missing when I stop writing.  So here is a quick recap of what has been happening in my life lately and hopefully I will be back here much more regularly.

  • We are moved into the new house!  We have all been super sick with the worst summer cold we have ever had.  Moving when you are sick is not recommended but we are pushing through.  We have been living in the house for a week now and although there are still plenty of boxes we are starting to settle in and we are pinching ourselves because this really is our dream.
  • Bret and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary and went to Mexico with friends.  We had an amazing time and got lots of R&R by the beach.  Minus a little gastro issues and family drama it was the best trip.
  • The kids are all doing great and keeping busy with swim team, golf, and swimming lessons.  I feel like our summer is flying by way to fast.  The oldest two kids made a summer bucket list and now that we are starting to settle into the new house I am ready to start tackling that list!  However, I have thoroughly enjoyed our lazy afternoons at the pool.
  • MY SIL is expecting her second baby next month and I cannot wait.
  • I am feeling itchy about getting my new craft room up and going and starting some fun new projects.
  • I am taking a cooking class this whole summer that my husband bought me at a fundraiser.  I have loved it so far and am learning a lot.  My last class we learned how to make our own hollandaise sauce and pouched eggs to make eggs benedict.  It was hard but fun.
  • I have started to say no much more often to volunteer opportunities.  Last year I really started to feel very stretched and it was not fun anymore and taking time away from my family.  I have truly committed to a few events/organizations and want to take more time for the kids and myself.  I feel good about this but selfish at the same time.  It is hard to make this transition but very necessary.

That is pretty much catching you up to date.  I have a few back posts that I want to write (like Palmer's birthday, etc) and some posts about the house and our trip.  Feels good to have a post written.  Sometimes the beginning is the hardest part.

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