Happy 4th Birthday Logan!

Logan Blaine Heskett,

You turned 4 years old on January 5th.  I am a few days late writing this but since you decided to be born a few days late I figure you owe me.  This year was probably the first year that you really understood what a birthday is all about.  You were so excited to have your birthday party and your cake.  It really melted this mama's heart when I asked you what your favorite part about your birthday was and you said your cake and then you said no I change my mind...it was the cake pops.  Love it!

Out of all of our kids you are the funniest.  You say things to make your dad and I laugh everyday.  In fact one of the things we talk about at the end of our day when all of you kids are in bed are the funny things you said that day.

You have a big heart and you love your siblings.  Someone once told me that they were afraid to have another kid because they knew without a doubt that they could never something as much as they love their one child.  It is only when you have another child that you truly understand that love for your children is infinite.  There is no dividing our love between you and your siblings.  On the other hand it is when you see your child interact and be a sibling to each other that you truly understand what a gift they are to each other.

You and Emily are an "on demand" basis.  You guys like each other when you feel inclined or when you need each other.  You and Palmer are best buds.  You fight more than any of the other kids with each other buy you two are inseparable.  When you take a nap Palmer "waits" until I tell him it is OK to wake you up.  Likewise you know when it is time to go pick him up from school and can't wait.  I love listening to you and Palmer with your epic battle story lines and you both love to make each other laugh.  You two will be friends for life and that is such a gift.

Easton and you are just now starting to interact a lot.  He is now in the stage of wanting to be where you are and play with what you are playing with and sometimes that drives you crazy.  It is hard to share your snack and your toys.  On the other hand you always ask for an extra sticker or sucker so you can share with him.  One time I went to pick you up and had left Easton with dad.  When we left the car with no Easton the look of panic as you reminded me about getting him was priceless.  Your loyalty and the way to you tell everyone that you have one sister and two brothers is clear that it is very important to you.

You are the most stubborn, hard headed, and ornery kid I know.  You are also one of a kind and we love you so much.  I hope that year four is a great one for you.  Yesterday as we laid in your bed reading the 5th book (that of course you knew every word by heart because we read them over and over again) I said prayer of thanks because you are such a gift and I am so thankful that I get to spend so much time with you at home before you grow up.

As much as I wish I could say that you were a mama's boy you are not.  You are your dad's kid through and through.  You love to be outside, to ride the 4 wheeler or razor for hours, go fishing, camping, and get dirty.  You love just hanging out with your dad and of course riding in his truck.  As close as you and dad are you are almost more adoring of your grandfather.  You and grandpa are close buddies and do everything from read books/take naps together to spending countless time in the mountains of Colorado.  You would go for weeks with him before you would miss home and I am thankful that you have such a haven and special relationship with him.

We love you so much and wish you the best birthday yet!



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