House Update

The house is coming a long.  I really thought I that I would feel like it was taking forever and that nothing was happing but I have not.  In fact if it all went a lot faster I am not sure we could keep up.  We have been picking out a lot of the details lately...things like doors, garage doors, light fixtures, cabinets, and flooring.  Some things are easy to pick out (doors) and some are really hard (staircase pieces).  Some things we agree on easily (kitchen cabinets) and some things we really are on opposite sides of the room (lighting fixtures of all things).  Overall we have learned to be patient with each other and to communicate better.  For example instead of saying that is really awful or I hate that when the other person shows something they like we try to use our word and say things like I think something smaller/less modern/etc would look better or I like the color but I really want something a little more country or whatever.  Remembering this has helped us work through our difference in tastes without hurting each other's feelings.  We have also learned that sometimes we need to walk away from a decision and come back to it. 

We spent two hours in the house with the electrician the other day going room to room deciding on outlet and light switch placement.  This meant talking about what types/locations of light fixtures and it was a lot of decision making and thinking ahead all at once.  At one point we were "discussing" toe lights on the stairs and out of the blue Bret and I were in total disagreement.  I saw myself getting frustrated and short in patience so I decided to take a break and go check on the little boys watching a moving in the car.  Just those few moments outside and away gave me a break to think and calm down.  When I got back we found an easy compromise and moved on.

We still have a long way to go but we love our house and can't wait to move in.


  Side with the garage

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