Bret and I have this running joke between the two of us where we tell each other that we have TOO MANY KIDS!  We laugh because we would never trade a single one of them for the world and there are many in society and in our lives that feel that we really do have to many kids.  In fact you would be amazed at the comments we get from people about how many kids we have and if we are going to have any more.  That is for a different post though.

Anyway Halloween was definitely one of those nights where we were joking about having too many kids.  The night before Halloween was pure chaos at our home trying to get everyone around for a Halloween party at my dad's nursing home.  I picked the kids up from school and we rushed home to work on homework, practice the piano, and an early dinner because the Halloween party (with candy, cupcakes, punch, etc) was from 6-7:30...prime dinner time. 2 and 1/2 hours goes by in a flash when you also through in getting four kids dressed in Halloween costumes and make up.

The party was fun and the kids looked great.  As I put zombie make up on Emily I was struck by the thought (and was a little sad) that gone are the days of princess, fairies, and butterflies from our home.  Now we have ninjas, Power Rangers, knights, super hero's, monsters, etc.

To both Bret and I the joy of Halloween is in the dressing up and becoming whatever your heart desires.  As we shopped for costumes (try making 4 costumes...yeah right!) I was struck by how many costumes for Emily's age were sexy!  Either they were really babyish (think Disney princess) or sexy (like the baby costumes for lady bugs, witches, etc only with super short skirts, fish net stockings, etc).  So we went the scary route.  I would rather have a little gore than sexy for my nine year old. 

For Halloween trick or treating we went by our new house and hung out with our friends and soon to be neighbors.  We loaded everyone up on golf carts and quickly realized this was the way to go.  It was fun and we had a ton of candy within a short period of time.  We had a great night and the kids had a blast.  Hope you had a good Halloween too!

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