Easton George

Easton George Heskett turned 1 on October 19th.  Yes I realize that this post is almost a month late but better late than never!

Dear Easton,

You are everything I thought the baby of our family should be.  You complete us in ways we never thought possible.  You have the best smile and are always happy.  You love to eat but only what you like.  You make the best faces when you taste something that you don't like.  Sometimes you don't like it at first and spit it out and then quickly realize it wasn't that bad so you decide to go ahead and eat it anyways.

You are active and everywhere in our little home.  You can crawl everywhere and although you are not walking on your own yet you love to walk behind your little cars and push toys.  Speaking of cars by far these are your favorite things to play with.  You push your brother's cars all over the house making the same pretend noises you hear them make.

You love to get into everything!  There is no safe cabinet or room in this house that you will not get into and help reorganize.

You are definitely one of the boys in our home.  Your laughter when Palmer pretends to chase you lights our whole family up.  You and Logan fight a lot more than at I thought you would this soon but I can already see how close you will be someday.  You adore Emily and she can always make you smile.

You are such a gift to your father and I.  You really were our easiest baby.  As the youngest of four you get taken to cheer practice, basketball practice, football games, swim lessons, meetings, school functions, and everything in between.  You are in the car or stroller a lot and you never complain.  You can take your nap anywhere and always seem happy to see whatever babysitter walks in the door.  I have friends that are done having kids that think twice about it after watching you because you are such an easy going baby.

As you get older and more independent everyday it makes my heart feel such a mixture of emotion.  I am sad that you are not a tiny baby anymore.  Watching you tear into your first birthday cake I thought to myself that this could be the last baby I have doing this and it is such a gift and blessing.  My heart feels sad as we say goodbye to this stage of nursing, sleepless nights, warm snuggles as we fall asleep together, and tiny little socks.  On the other hand I see so much promise and memories in our future.  I long for the days of no diapers, feeding yourself, and all of the adventures we will have.

It melts my heart when you are so happy to see me every morning and every time I walk into a room.  I love how you lean your forehead toward me making the kissing sound as your way of giving love.  You are so very loved by so many people.  Happy Birthday!



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