Dream Homes

When Bret and I were first dating we were very broke college students.  There were many evenings that neither of us had any money to go out for a date but wanted to do something anyways.  So began many years of wishing and dreaming.  If there is one thing that Bret and I have always been on the same page about was the dream of building our new home.

After years of driving through neighborhoods and going to open houses we finally took the first step and bought a lot of land to build on.  Fate took the reins and pushed our plans to build up a year and got our house sold for us without having to list it.  Even though we both would have loved another year to save and plan we took a giant leap forward and started building our dream home.

To a lot of people building a house is stressful and sounds like the most awful thing they could imagine.  To Bret and I it really is a dream come true and honestly we have enjoyed every step of the way.  We still stress about the money and some decisions are harder than others but it is a process that we are savoring and taking our time with.  In our heads we have been thinking, planning, and talking about this for years.  We go to our new home several times a week to see the progress.  It was really hard in the beginning for me to see what it was going to look like.  When they first dug the hole I was really worried that it was never going to be big enough for our family.  When they first started to frame the home I carried the plans with me trying to figure out what was going to go where.

Some decisions mean more to me than Bret and vice a versa.  We both feel that this is equally each of our dream so we give and we take.  Last week the upstairs was framed and this week the trusses are going up.  Soon there will be a roof, windows, brick, and a front door.  I can't wait.  I cried the first time (just tiny silent tears of thanks) I went upstairs and looked around.  It really is just perfect for our family and I can see our kids growing up in this home.  We are so very very blessed.

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