This past weekend Bret's partner at the clinic got married in Boston.  As a wedding present the hospital hired a locum doctor to cover the practice for the weekend so we could all go to Boston to support her.  Due to coverage we really had to make it a quick trip so we left town at the crack of dawn on Friday and flew home late last night.  Even though it was kind of expensive for no longer than we were away we had a great time.

On the Friday we got into town we went to dinner at a great restaurant and had some amazing seafood as we sat on the pier over the water.  Coming from Kansas we are so drawn and in awe of water.  We love to be as close to it as possible anytime we can.  After dinner we went to a Red Sox vs Yankees baseball game.  It was a lot of fun.  None of us are huge baseball fans but the stadium was amazing, the beer cold, and watching the Red Sox win a tied game with grand slam at the bottom of the 7th inning was amazing. 
On Saturday we had the day to do some sightseeing before the wedding which was held at a small bed and breakfast in Gloucester about hour from Boston.  We decided to avoid the busy traffic of Boston and went to Salem instead.

We started at the Salem Witch museum.  A lot of Salem was pretty touristy but we loved it.  It was very interesting to learn about what really did and did not happen.  It was also a very unique place for people watching.  We loved walking through the many many shops in town.  There were a lot of offers for readings and we were pretty amazed at the crystal balls for sale...they were amazing and like nothing we had ever seen before.  There were also some really cool Harry Potter shops.  Our kids have not yet watched these movies or read the books but will hopefully in the next few years.  One of the highlights for Bret and I was lunch at a small seafood restaurant again on the pier.  After reviewing the menu I decided I was going to indulge and have a lobster.  Bret quickly agreed and ordered the same thing.  It was heaven on a plate but I was pretty glad that Bret did a lot of the "dirty work" getting it ready to eat for me.

The wedding was beautiful and very simple with a great dinner and drinks afterwards.  The ladies and I had a great time getting dressed up for the event and our men cleaned up nice.  After the wedding celebration we headed out to a local bar and closed the place down after watching the big boxing match.  It was nice to be able to walk home and since we had a later flight it wasn't too painful of a trip home.


Once again I realized how much Bret and I love to travel and just get out of town even for just a weekend.  We had such a great time and our kids loved spending the weekend with my mom.  Once the house is built and we start to recover financial from that we hope to spend a great deal of our free time traveling and hopefully taking the kids with us.

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