Recently I celebrated my 33 birthday.  When I think about this past year I think about how truly blessed I am.  I am so humbled to have been given the amazing gifts from God in my children, husband, family, and friends.

Last week we all had a terrible stomach virus.  It ran through one kid at a time and on Wednesday night I finally got it bad.  I was up sick all night and Thursday morning I ran between the bathroom and trying to get my kids up and around for school.  Sometimes when my kids need me the most like when they are really sick and they just want their mom to hold them I feel most humbled to be their mom.  To know that you are so loved and needed is just such an honor that I sometimes forget.  Palmer sat outside the door when I was getting sick and was really worried.  He was worried first about me and if I was OK but also about who was going to take him to school.  Logan took care of me all day bringing me water and crackers and asking me how I felt a million times.  Each one of my children is so different from each other and they are each so very loved. 

My husband and partner in crime is my greatest blessing.  So much of who my children are come from him.  We first started dating when I was 19.  At the time so many people told us how young we were.  So young to get married and even so young to start a family at 23.  They were right we were so young and looking back I can see that now.  However all these years later we love each other more than ever and even though we have had to grow up a lot together I could not choose anyone better to do so with.

We always knew that we would move home to Kansas when Bret finished residency.  We are so close to our family and knew that we wanted the same for our kids.  Having both of my parents so close by is such a gift.  My kids miss my mom like crazy when they go longer than a week without seeing her.  My sister and I are closer than ever and we are so thrilled that our kids are so close also. 

They tell you that when you get married that it is important to have couple friends and to have friends period.  When we moved to PA it was hard to make friends and we often times felt very alone.  My favorite thing about living here in KS is the friends we have made.  We have so much fun with them and they are such a great support.  It was amazing when I had Easton that our church and community brought us meals for a month.  I have friends that I know I could call at a moments notice and they would pick up my kids or watch them for me or help with however I might need it.  You know they are real friends when they feel the same way and have called me for help to.  It is such a strong community here and we feel so very blessed to be a part of it.


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