Potty Party

Out of all the things we have had to do as parents so far my absolute least favorite it potty training.  It is hard, frustrating, gross, and just really not fun at all.  In fact Bret even said the other day that he is really really grateful that most likely we will only have to do this once more ever again.

When it came time to potty train Logan I put it off as long as I possibly could.  We usually start potty training when they are about 2 1/2 years old.  Every kid is different and I wanted to wait until Logan was so ready to train that he would practically train himself.  I knew that with a new baby coming it was going to have to wait until closer to his 3rd birthday.

So about a few weeks ago when Logan started taking off dirty pull ups to "change himself" I threw up my hands and said OK.  In our house we have always started with underwear except during nap and bedtime.  I usually try and buy some sweatpants from Walmart for easy access and then some sort of reward.  Logan would sit on the toilet all day and the only two times in the first whole week that he went was by sheer accident.  He had no idea what this whole potty training was about and I didn't know how to fix this.  So I went online.

I found a link on Pinterest about Potty training in one day.  Although very skeptical I read everything I could find on it.  Apparently Dr. Phil had a whole show with this pediatrician that has changed the game on potty training. 

So here is the jist of this new training plan.  You buy a doll (or use one you have) that wets.  You pick a day and buy party supplies (hats, balloons, and noise blowers) and you feed your kid a ton of fluids.  Then you tell your child that they are going to teach their baby to potty on the big girl/boy chair so we can have a potty party.  When they give the dolly a drink and she goes potty you go all out and have a potty party (dance, blow horns, etc).  When your child goes potty same thing.

You guys it worked.  Like worked worked.  Like he has only had a handful of accidents (and they were usually our fault) since this day.  Some how the idea of teaching someone else really sinks an idea into a kid.  Once Logan figured out what was expected it all clicked for him.  I could physically see that when he "tried" to go to the bathroom he was doing everything he physically needed to.  It was crazy...and so easy!

That is not to say that this will work for everyone.  It was just what Logan needed to connect the dots.  So thankful that we have crossed this hurdle in life.

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