Logan is 3

Dear Logan,

You are 3 years old!  You are my blond haired blued eyed little boy that always has a smile on.  You make me smile everyday.  You are also very onory and a little spoiled.  I am pretty sure that somehow you talk your dad and I into letting you get by with way more than either your older brother or sister got away with.

Palmer is your best friend.  You two are constantly either wrestling or fighting and sometimes I can't tell which because it is a little of both.  You eagerly wait for Palmer to get home from school and Palmer impatiently waits for you to wake up from your afternoon nap so that you guys can play together.  I can always find you two with your football helmets playing football, you talking Palmer into putting on one of your super hero costumes, playing Foosball, or with your many many cars.

Your imagination knows no bounds.  I love to just listen to the stories you tell when you play with your cars, Emily's barbies, or your new castle.  Emily is often a part of your crazy playtime.  She humors you more than the rest of us when you decide that you are a puppy for an entire day.

You once wore your Halloween costume every day for a week until mommy said it had to be washed and then hid it.  Lucky for us ;) Lita found it and couldn't say no.

No one adores you more than your grandparents.  You are grandpa's little buddy and grandma's little helper.  You would rather be at their cabin in Colorado than anywhere else in the world.  You love to play outside but can play anywhere there is space for a car to drive.

This year you gave up diapers for good.  You are the only kid I have ever met that insists on wiping his own butt...always...and you don't even tell me when you go.  A few lessons on hand washing and you were completely independent..which is just how you like it.

I am so looking forward to spending this summer home with you.  We have fun times ahead playing with your cousins, swimming, reading books, and of course playing play-dough.  It is such a gift to get to stay home with you.  Your dad and I are so blessed to be your parents.  I am not sure who admires who more you or your dad.  Happy Birthday!

Love, mom

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