Dear Palmer James,

Today you are six years old!  I am on time writing this because I know how much being on time means to you.  Time is such a black and white concept to you that it is one of your favorite things.  You love looking at the family calendar to see what is going on the upcoming week, you look at your kindergarten calendar to plan out what letters you will be learning about and trying to decide what you will take for show and tell that starts with that letter, and you love your alarm clock most of all...no explanation needed here.

When your dad and I tell you something it is like you etch it on your heart.  It is a strong reminder of how important our jobs as your parents are.  It could be as simple as change your underwear everyday (except the mornings after a shower), about why your tear ducts are blocked, or what to take away from an experience.  At our last swim meet it was the first time you swam besides the home meet.  Your sister placed in every single event she swam in and placed first even.  I could see your frustration at not being "as good" as Emily.  We talked about how you were not last in any of your events which meant that you beat at least one person and several times more than one person in each race. 

When we got home and you told Lita about the meet I heard my exact words come from your mouth with such pride.  You were even more excited when you found out that you did win a ribbon...6th place in the medley relay.  I never have to wonder if you listen to me.

As I see your relationships with each of your siblings grow I understand better than ever before what "brother" really means.  You have such admiration for your sister and she has been surprised in the past year to learn that she admires you too.  You and Logan are inseparable.  You guys are constantly wrestling, play, chasing each other, or looking for each other.  You are so gentle, kind, and considerate with Easton.

You are so much like your father it is eery.  I never wonder what your dad was like when he was a child because I see him in you.  Your dad sees himself in you too which is crazy.  Yesterday he noticed that when you are doing something you curl your toes under..something he still does.  You have this sense of right, fair, and truth that makes life hard when it doesn't work that way. 

You love school and you love to read.  Your dad and I are amazed at how quickly new things come to you.  I love listening to you play the piano.  You love video games but would still rather be outside playing.  You can eat a piece of cheesecake in less bites than anyone I know.  You love cake and cheez-its. 

You are a kind and gentle soul that loves so purely.  We love you very much.

Love, Mom

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