10 weeks

Easton is 10 weeks old.  How did that happen?  The holidays always put our time into fast forward mode no matter how hard I try to slow things down.  Even so he is growing so fast.  I pulled out some three month clothes the other day and looking at them I thought "maybe in a few weeks these will fit".  Then I tried a sleeper on him and what do you know but it fit!

He is such a happy baby.  He loves to eat and he loves his pacifier.  He just goes with the flow.  He played baby Jesus in not one but two different Christmas shows (the schools program and Christmas Eve mass).  He did great and never made a peep!  For Christmas he got a little mirror to go into his crib and he talks to himself.  He talks to all of us too.  I love his little coos and I love his big smiles.  He has quickly found a place in our lives and in our hearts.  I don't know how we managed before him.

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