Happy Halloween

This year we had Missy Franklin, a ninja, the red power ranger, and of course the most adorable pumpkin ever.  Although these costumes were not my most favorite ever I think they were for the kids.  Logan has worn his costume several days in a row before we finally convinced him to let us wash it and him.  Of course the very next morning his costume was on again.  At this moment (a week later) the costume is MIA...at least for the now.

Emily had a hard time coming up with something she wanted to be.  Her dad mentioned that she could be anything she wanted to be and asked what she wanted to be when she grew up.  Emily responded by saying "that's easy I am going to be an Olympic swimmer"...thus her costume was born.  Palmer decided the day after Halloween last year that he wanted to be a ninja and never changed his mind.  Because we know this child so well I was able to buy a really  nice costume for a really good price last year.  This year on Halloween night as we were tucking him into bed he told us that next year he was going to be a vampire.  Write it down people.

Our smallest little trick or treater was a pumpkin.  The clothes were hand me downs from my nephew.  I made him a pumpkin hat before he was born but of course it was too small.  So the night before the big event I made another one..much bigger this time.  Over all we had a great but simple holiday.

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