Our Nemo

Logan has been so patient this summer.  He has been dragged from this practice to that.  It has felt like the little guy has spent more time in the car than anywhere else this summer at times.  He never really complains.  Sometimes he asks to stay in the car and watch a movie instead of standing out in the heat watching Emily swim.  The one thing that Logan begs for from the moment he wakes up until he goes to bed is to go swimming.

Coming from a mom that has a daughter that literally lives in the pool, believe me when I tell you that Logan is my fish.  Not only does he love to be in the pool but he loves to swim and is fearless.

I made the mistake of putting Palmer in the first swimming lesson session and not Logan.  They usually don't start swimming lessons in this area until the kids are 3.  I wasn't quite sure what was going to happen either since he was going to be in the pool without me or Bret.  Needless to say that the second 2 week session Logan was included and he loved it.

It has always been our theory that the safest way to be in the water is to know how to swim.  We have our kids swimming all at very young ages...usually at least 3.  Logan however has far surpassed our expectations.

The instructor wanted Logan to use the noodle to jump off the diving board.  This was a struggle for Logan.  He just wanted to jump and swim.  Most of the time he would throw the noodle in and then jump towards it.  It is so fun (and a lot of work) taking Logan to the pool with us.  It is a good thing both Bret and I love to be in the pool too.

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