Monday was Bret's 31st birthday. Yeah that is how my week is going. So it wasn't my best celebration of his birthday but we had a few friends over on Saturday, he got some new shoes/clothes that were much needed, and he got his popcorn birthday cake. Overall not too bad. I got funny birthday cards too.
When Bret and I first started dating I quickly realized that we did not have similar tastes when it came to picking out cards. I had previously always gone for the tear jerker I love you gushy cards. I wanted my love to show in the cards I picked out. To this day when I start to read cards I will sometimes have to leave the store and come back later because I start to get too emotional. My grandmother always cried when she read her cards. In fact most years she would put them away to read later by herself when she could cry without anyone looking.
Bret, on the other hand, always went for the funny cards. His goal was to make you smile and laugh out loud. I think it is funny that in the 12 years we have been buying cards for each other we have both gradually moved closer to the other side. When I buy cards for people I buy funny cards now. I very rarely buy a mushy card. On the other hand Bret has bought me more and more sappy cards. Mother's Day, anniversary, and my birthday has been filled with loved filled cards from him and the kids. I too have learned to tuck them away to read until later. I save so many of them to read over and over again.
So Bret laughed when he read his card. I splurged and got him cards from each of the kids this year finding one that just said so much about the child it was from. It is so heart warming to have someone in your life that understands so much about your life. We share so much in our kids that a simple card can make us both laugh thinking about the personality and experiences of each child.
I think I started buying Bret funny cards from me when I realized that there was never going to be a card that express to him how much I love him. There just are never enough words with enough depth to cover how blessed I feel to have him in my life.

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