I am 12 weeks along today and am FINALLY starting to feel better and like I can function during the day. Me not feeling so well has really taken a toll on my very patient family the past two months. Mom is just supposed to be invincible and full of energy all the time. My family has been champs about the whole thing. No one has complained that we have eaten out or had pizza a lot or that dad has been the one doing most of the cooking for dinner. No one asked questions when I told them to wear the same jeans as yesterday because I was way behind on laundry.

A few mornings were so rough that after Emily and Palmer got dropped off at school Logan and I crawled back into bed and he read mommy some books.

Out of the whole family no one has been more patient than this guy.

Palmer has been my little trooper. Most afternoons when Logan is taking a nap and Emily is at school we spend the afternoon together. We play board games, work on puzzles, practice the piano, do workbooks, and play outside when the weather is nice. Unfortunately during the past two months mommy has desperately needed most of this time for a nap. This meant Palmer was going solo trying to keep himself busy. He has not complained once and bless his little heart he has really shown me how much he loves me. He spends his afternoons playing in the back yard with the dog, playing the piano on his own, inventing his own games that can be played by himself, and sometimes just watching TV. He watches the clock to be sure that I don't over sleep by one minute (even though I set an alarm on my phone). Sometimes he just doesn't want to be alone so he quietly brings his workbooks and books to read into bed with me just to be near me.

I am so glad that we can start to spend our special time together once again now that I am feeling so much better. Bret has taken him on some special one on one trips to try and give a little extra attention. Palmer is just taking it all in stride and continues to show us how much he loves us everyday. We are so lucky to have him.

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