Palmer James

Dear Palmer,
Today is your 5th birthday!! Happy Birthday!

I can totally believe that you are five. This morning when I asked you if you felt any different you told me that you feel even older than five. I believe you.

Since you were born your dad and I have said that you are a little old man in a little boys body. Bret sometimes thinks that there is a lot of his grandpa Leonard in you. You would have gotten along great with all of your great grandfather's.

You make my heart melt when out of no where you tell me that you love me. Or when you say "mom, you are my favorite mom in the whole wide world". To which I reply "you are my favorite Palmer in the whole wide world".

In some ways you are my easiest kid to raise. You like routine, you have the same thing for breakfast every morning (Rice Krispies with milk and white sugar..aka a packet of Splenda), you would rather eat at home, you double check every morning whether or not you need clean underwear (only on the mornings after a bath do you not), and you follow the rules.

On the other hand you are also my most challenging kid to raise. You can be so ornery. You are definitely also my stubborn child. You once chewed the same piece of meat for over an hour until both Bret and I gave up and let you spit it out. I never thought a kid would be more stubborn than both of us together but you are. You throw fits like a champ with things aren't fair.

I know that every parent thinks that their child is brilliant. I am sure that I am no different. However, you assessment reports at school confirm what your dad and I already know. You are so smart. You got perfects on all of your preschool assessments for things you shouldn't really be ready for until April. You have tons of sight words already memorized and are so very close to reading. Math comes easy for you as well as puzzles, video games, and board games. You love to play outside and scored a ton of goals for your soccer team. Piano has been an amazing outlet of your talent. We are so very proud of you.

We have so much fun together. Your dad and I joke that we wish we could tell when you are excited. Your voice goes at least an octave higher, you start dancing around, using your hands to gesture a lot, you talk a million words a minute, and you use words like awesome for every other word. It is a great thing to experience and one I hope to see over and over again.

As close as you and I are and I hope to always be...you are still a boy. You worship your dad and adore your grandfather. You would play football in any fashion (touch, video games, watching it on TV, or just having your dad or grandfather toss you the football) every breathing moment. You long for the days you get to go to the cabin and just be.

You are an AWESOME brother, son, cousin, friend, and all round great kid. We love you to the moon and back. I hope your birthday is awesome.

Love, Mom

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