Bird is the Word

This year Palmer surprised me with fun birthday theme...Angry Birds. All of our kids (and Bret & I) love to play Angry Birds. Palmer is really good at the game and plays it all the time. It has also gotten very popular recently. I was very lucky that there were a lot of great ideas on Pinterest already so most of what I did was using their ideas and making them work for us.

The cake was one of the harder ones I have made. We don't really like the taste of fondant so I decided to make AB cake pops to use on the cake. I made and frosted green a large rectangle cake. We used nutterbutters to make the "wood" structures. Bret helped me cut and place them to try and make them as sturdy as possible.


I realized when I started putting the cake pops on the cake that I made them too big. I also forgot to put crisco into the chocolate to make the coating thinner. They still tasted pretty good. The sling shot was made from fondant and left out overnight to harden. I just used a rubber band to look like the sling.

The first activity for the kids was to make these masks. Since the kids were all 4,5, or 6 I went ahead and cut out all of the shapes so all they had to do was glue them on. I used craft foam from Walmart and stapled elastic to the sides. The kids loved them and wore them a ton.
Logan still wears his all the time.

The second activity was stick the beak on the AB. This activity was a bust. I ran out of time and didn't get the eyes/eyebrows on the birds so the kids didn't really know where the beak was supposed to go. Palmer didn't even want to play. Note to self...pin the whatever on the whatever is a great game until they are four. Afterwards...boring.

The last activity, however, made up for it. I saved boxes from Christmas and found a couple AB/PIG pillows at Walmart. We also added a couple balloons for more targets.

Palmer got a cool paper airplane from a friend of ours that came with a rubber band sling shot. Momma bird used felt and sewed a sling pouch onto it and behold an AB sling shot ready to go. We played this game over and over again. They band eventually broke so the kids just threw the bird. They still loved it.

After the games we had pizza and snacks.
Logan liked the Cheetos.

Then it was time for cake.
Palmer blew out the candles. Everyone got a bird or pig and some cake.

Palmer wanted to open his presents while his friends were still there. He started out of on the floor but was close to being trampled so I moved him to a chair. The kids were so excited it was hard to get them to back up a little or kneel or sit down.

These were the favor bags that I made for each of the kids to take home. I bought the bags at the dollar store (4/$1) and printed out the same template that was on everything. Cutting the faces out was the hardest part of the whole party. In each bag was a small Angry Birds notebook, crayons, some AB stickers, and some AB bandaides.

The most important part of the party was that the kids had fun...and they did. I was in Palmer's classroom working with the kids this week and several told me "Palmer's party was SOO much fun". That is such a good feeling. I have had several parents comment that it was a lot of fun too. I have no idea how I am going to top this.


The Websters said...

people should hire you. seriously.

Caroline said...

Cute party. Love the cake and the gift bags. Looks like lots of fun!

Sara said...

This is so fun!! We went to a friend's Angry Bird party too this summer, it's a great theme for kids. I loved playing the "live version" and making lil cupcakes :-)