Kairos vs. Chronos

The other day a friend on facebook linked to this article and made the comment that she could totally relate. I clicked on the below link and read one of the best articles geared towards real moms I have read in a very long time. OK, click on the link, read the article, I'll wait.

What do you think? In case you didn't feel like reading the whole article she basically states that as a mom of young kids (aka 0-20+) you get a lot of pressure to live in the moment. To constantly remember that kids grow older very quickly and that before you know they will be grown and gone.

I get this all the time especially since I am staying home with them. So many older people who have been there done that feel like it is their duty to remind us of this. I laughed out loud when the writer talked about how when she becomes one of the veteran mom's that she will tell the young mom in line that she is doing a great job, that she has great kids, and by the way let me get your grocery bill while you go on out to the car with the little ones. I think I want to be the one to buy "that mom" on the airplane a stiff drink..Ha!

So when Emily decided to paint Palmer's face with finger nail polish, Palmer decided to clean up the dog pee with a dish rag...and hang it back up, and Logan is laying on the floor throwing the most awesome tantrum because I told him he can't have another cookie I am going to remind myself that it is OK to count the clock down to nap time.

In the Greek language they had two different meanings for time. Kairos is a word for the supreme moment. Chronos is the word for the actual time moment or chronological. Fits, dog pee, fighting, spills, vomit, and the exhaustion of a rough day with no naps all fit into the chronos moments of my life. I will get through this with hopefully no one getting hurt to live another day and try again tomorrow.

The Kairos moments in my life are what I consider God's little blessings that I stumble upon each day. It's when Logan turns my head an plants a wet kiss on me and says "wub you momma" out of no where. It's when Emily get's a punch in school for a great day and is so excited to TELL ME about it. It's Palmer sitting in my lap to read a book or watch a movie and I smell his hair that is an amazing combination of little boy sweat and fruity shampoo.

I, like the author, have both of these types of moments in my life everyday. Even when the chronos moments are really really hard I would never trade them or give them up. I feel like they are part of my journey in life. On the other hand I think it is so important for us women to be real with each other. Encouraging each other is great. Pretending that is easy for us and someone else must be doing it wrong...not OK.

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The Websters said...

I don't think your link works but I read that article. Loved it (although we don't have kiddos).