Mom's Guilt

For the first time since our honeymoon Bret and I are going to leave our kids for a few days and take a trip south to the Cotton Bowl to cheer on our beloved Wildcats.

We have been very fortunate to go on several vacations and we have always taken our kids. We love to travel and we have never minded taking the kids with us. Because family had been so far from us the past several years it was always easier to take the kids and we never really had the money to take any extra vacations just us.

Now that both of those little hurdles seemed to have gone away we thought..why not? Bret's parents graciously offered to take on my herd and manage the home front for a few days.

At one point I almost completely backed out when I realized that we were going to miss Logan's second birthday. Bret was not to be swayed. So we decided to celebrate Logan's birthday early by taking the kids to the Great Wolf Lodge for a few days. We have never been there and all of our kids love the water. It is going to be a great little trip before the kids go back to school and before we go out of town.

I know Logan is little and will not know the difference. I also know that we are also still celebrating his birthday...just a little early. I am the only person who is at all stressed about this. I tried to explain to Bret that between the three kids this will be the 13th birthday celebration and the first one we have ever missed. It will be fine. We are going to have a great time at the indoor water park and plan to eat at the T-Rex cafe for his birthday dinner. The kids are looking forward to a few days afterwards with the grandparents and we will be back before we know it.

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