Logan is 2

Logan Blaine,

Today is your second birthday. I am so sorry that we are not home with you to celebrate. I know that you had an amazing time at the Great Wolf Lodge with your brother and sister and I hope that someday when you realize that your mom missed your second birthday you will be OK with it.

Every year that you kids get older it feels like the years go faster than the one before. In the past year you learned to walk, run, and talk. You have grown into a fiercely independent, stubborn, affectionate, and loving little boy. You love to play with any kind of ball or anything that has wheels. You adore your siblings and could play all day with your dog. You are my shadow during the days and love to sit on my lap and share anything that I am eating or drinking. You give the best kisses and have the most onery smile. You are the only kid we have ever had go and put themselves down for a nap during the day when you are tired. You make my heart smile everyday.



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