We are expecting

...a new puppy.

For YEARS now our kids have been begging us for a dog. Even though we loved Lulu very much it was still not a replacement for wanting a dog. We had a dog named Missy. Bret and I got Missy as a graduation gift from my sister (surprise!). She was a great dog and part of the family. However, she was a hunting dog that like to be outside, run, and hunt. None of which was going to happen in our tiny apartment in PA. So we left Missy behind with Bret's parents when we moved.

Emily was devastated. To make matters worse a few months after we moved Bret's dad called. His dad was a guide for a hunting lodge in KS and took Missy hunting with him regularly. During one such hunt a hunter approached Bret's dad about buying Missy. When he called to talk to Bret about it Bret told him that Missy wasn't for sale. Then his dad told him that he offered $1500 but would probably pay $2000. SOLD!

I know that sounds terrible but we needed the money. It was going to be at least 4 years before we would be able to take Missy back and his dad already had his own dogs to take care of. This guy would give her a GREAT home and she would be much happier hunting. So off Missy went to Alaska.

Emily on the other hand had a really hard time letting go and poor grandpa bore the brunt of it. Emily would quietly ask her grandfather to please get Missy back. She was never rude or obnoxious about it. Rather when he would give her a penny to throw in the fountain she would quietly wish for Missy back. Needless to say this was really hard on grandpa.

So the day that Bret signed his contract in KS. Grandpa began the search for the puppy. As big hunters *cough* it is important to have a good hunting dog with good blood lines, blah blah blah. Bret and I decided on a Vizsla breed. His dad had a lot of luck with this breed and we really liked their temperament for our family. Grandpa paid the deposit (which I won't tell you how much this dog cost because it is a sin) and it will be ready to pick up on Friday.

Bret has spent a ton of money (kennel, dog house, flooring, crate for inside, dog bowels, collars, leashes, toys, etc, etc, etc) and work (putting the kennel together) getting ready for this dog.

We have already named this puppy, Sadie. It feels a lot like expecting a new baby except it's a dog. We have been counting down the days and every morning Palmer tells me how many days are left. There is a lot of love in this house waiting for this new member of our family to arrive. Stay tuned for pictures and more about the adventures of Sadie Heskett.

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Katie said...

I knew you guys sold Missy, but I had no idea the dog I paid $100 ended up being such a great hunting dog that you got $1500+ for! While I know how much Emily missed her, that's still such a crazy amount for her! Can't wait to meet the new little puppy!