From Auntie with Love

My sister in law is patiently waiting (two days past her due date) for our new niece to be born. I thought it was time for the two of us to have a chat :)

Dear Miss Brinley Rose,

As a former diva myself I know the importance of making a fashionably late entrance. However, it is very important to remember to not be too late as it may be considered rude. I think you have made your point.

There are many who are anxiously awaiting your arrival. Your cousin Miss Emily is one of the most excited. Not only is she thrilled to have a new cousin but a girl none the less. Emily will guide you in all things girly. She will paint your toe nails and fix your hair. She will help you pick out dresses and of course accessories.

Your mommy first painted Emily's toe nails when she was 9 months old (red of course). She also let Emily put on her make up and brush her hair. Emily and your mommy were two peas in a pod for a long time (while your mommy lived with us) as I am sure you and Emily will be and maybe you and me too. Emily and the boys love your mom and dad a lot. They love you so much already that they don't mind at all sharing them with you.

Your uncle Bret will be excited when you get here. Then he can stop worrying and focus on enjoying you. Uncle Bret is a doctor and sometimes he has a hard time shutting the doctor part off and turning the uncle part on. For this reason he has insisted that we go no where near your town or hospital until you are safely in your mama's arms. Your mama has called him a few times and although he always plays it cool with her he stresses about it a lot. He cares a lot about you and her both. But have no fear we will be there soon and often.

I, as your Auntie, have been paying very close attention to what makes a good aunt. I am still very close to a few of my aunts. I have seen my kids adore their two aunts and grow very close to them as well. I am not the cool hip aunt (sorry you are a few years to late for that...I'm a mom now too) but I do know how to spoil you rotten. I know how to talk your mom and dad into anything. I know how to keep secrets. I know when to give advice (even though it may be the same thing your parent's might tell you). We will take you on lots of vacations with us. We will spends lots of summers swimming and lots of trips to Colorado. I will make you the best presents and most importantly I will give you lots of love.

Your grandma and grandpa are also very excited for you to come also. I know first hand that they are great grandparents. This big scary world you are coming into is hopefully a little less scary when there are so many people waiting with open arms for you. Safe travels and can't wait to meet you soon.

Hugs & Kisses,


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