New Looks

I have a really bad habit of reading blogs through my google reader and never really going to their site unless I want to comment (which sadly is not as often as I should). All of that to say that I understand if you do the same thing. Either way be sure to stop by and take a look around as I am very excited to tell you that we have gone through a make over.

I stumbled upon a high school classmates blog and realized that I had finally found a blog designer (the same one who updated her blog) that was very close to my style. With just a few questions she sent me the new header and it left me speechless...which rarely happens.

I started this blog when we first moved to PA when I was lonely and had few friends and no family close by. I was searching for a way to express what I was going through and looking for community. I found it and I love you guys. It warms my heart when I talk to family and friends about something and they mention that they read about it on my blog. I also love the new friends that I met along the way that share links in life (either high school, kids, having a physician spouse, crafting, cooking, or just enjoy a good story).

Kristi wrapped all of those feelings and the purpose of my blog into her designs. The circle feels very much the story of our moving to PA and back. I am also really excited to start featuring more tutorials and hopefully getting my etsy shop up and running soon. Thanks always for reading and let me know what you think about the new look!

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LegalMist said...

Love the new look!

It's been a while since I've "gone out commenting," so I know what you mean about that!