Breaking Mama's Heart

It's almost Halloween and instead of frantically sewing costumes for my three kids I am wandering the house sighing. Just kidding but I am pretty bummed.

For the first time in SEVEN years I am not making a single costume. I love Halloween. It is such a magical time for kids. They get to wear makeup, and spray paint their hair, and be anything THEY want to be. This year my husband had to really remind me that they should be what they want to be (not what I think they should be). So when we asked the kids at first Palmer wanted to be Spiderman. No big surprise there. Just put a knife in my heart. I counted 4 spidermans in his preschool class of 12 last year. 4!! and that was just his class. I was so relieved when after watching a big K-State game he changed his mind to a K-State football player. Still not as much fun as what I thought he should be but still a big improvement. I guess the saddest part is that we just borrowed/bought the whole costume. Every single part of it and there was NO creativity involved what so ever.

To keep the piece it was quickly decided that Logan would be a football player too. The arguments over the helmet came so fast that we were relieved to find another costume with helmet for them to play together. Like some of our past costumes this one is one the kids will play with forever and they are excited. So I sigh.

Emily's choice was not much better. She wanted to be Smurfette. Cute but the reality was that it would be easier and probably cheaper in the long run to buy the costume. I took her to the store to pick it out and lo and behold she changed her mind. I don't blame her the Smurfette costumes were not great and she wasn't real keen on the blue. So she picked a witch costume. I quickly offered to make her one but was quickly over ruled with her "love" for one in the store that she had to have.

The good news was that at least with the witch costume we can really add to it with make up and accessories. A tiny bit of creativity.

Oh well. I am hopeful that once we get through the next year or so the older kids will once again want mom's creative help in coming up with the most awesome costume. In the mean time I will just try and enjoy their joy.

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LegalMist said...

I love Halloween, too. My kids almost always want a store-bought costume, but that's ok, I get to dress *myself* any way I like. :)