Made By Mabelette- Ghostly Treats

Happy Halloween!

I hope that your day is filled with lots of treats and not so many tricks.

At the kids' new school they do not allow Kindergarten or older kids dress up at school. Kind of a bummer and disappointment for Emily. Palmer was super excited and Emily was happy to see him excited. She made my heart swell a little when she told me thanks for making the fun treats at least it feels kind of like Halloween still when I dropped her off this morning. I swear that kid is something else.

So here is the super easy Ghost treats that I made for her class of 24 and Palmer's class of 12 plus extras for home. All in less than an hour and for little cost!

To make these fun treats make a batch of rice krispie treats (you know butter, marshmallows, and rice krispies) and press into a sprayed cookie sheet. Then using your favorite Halloween cookie cutter cut out your ghoulish shapes and place on wax paper. Then melt some candy melts or chocolate and dip your sucker stick in the chocolate and gently insert into the bottom of your rice krispie. Once they set up a little then I used more melted chocolate and frosted them. I used candy coated chips for eyes but chocolate chips would work fine. Super easy and super yummy!

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