One for the grandkids

My mom recently transferred jobs to a location less than an hour away from us. While we look for an apartment for her to rent she has been staying with us. We all love having her and it has been so helpful for her to be around even though she is working all day.

The other night Bret and I decided to go out to eat by ourselves. We left dinner for the kids and mom and skipped out the door (it is awesome having a babysitter living with us). When we got home we put the kids to bed and sat down to watch some TV. Very quietly my mom told me that she had something she needed to show me. With tears in her eyes she showed me a really awful scratch in my new kitchen table that we custom ordered from an Amish person while we were living in PA. My mom started to apologize and say that she was really sorry and wasn't sure how it happened. I quickly reassured my mom that the culprit was actually my husband and that it happened early that very day.

Bret had been messing with some framed medals from high school and put the nasty gash in himself. The relief my mom showed me was very evident in her face. She told me that she had asked the kids what had happened and they both said it wasn't them. Worried that they were going to get in big trouble and feeling as though she wasn't paying close enough attention to them she was going to take the blame.

Bret and I thought this was sweet and pretty funny. When we went back downstairs I told Bret that mom confessed to making the scratch on the table. He laughed too. It is awesome how much grandparents love their grandkids and would do anything for them. Even if meant taking the blame for something they didn't do.

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