1st Day Jitters

Today was Emily's first day of 1st grade. She looked awesome. Emily was a little nervous but very excited as well.

At the end of last school year there was a great Scholastic book deal where you bought a random package of books for a low low price. One of our favorite books that came in the package was First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg. The first time Emily read this book to me we both ended up cracking up. The story is about someone's first day at a new school and the whole time you are reading it you are thinking it is a kid that is nervous. Turns out it is a new teacher. Emily LOVED it and so did I.
Turns out this book was very relative to Emily and I's first day of school experience this morning. Emily is attending a private school for the first time and we are both very new to the whole uniform thing. As you can see from the picture she looked awesome this morning. Bret didn't have to be to work until later this morning so the boys got to sleep in. Not wanting to be late and unsure of how long it was going to take to get to school we got there more than 15 minutes early. As we sat for a minute both Emily and I noticed right away that all of the kids (at least 40) were wearing navy shorts and white or red polos who were standing around outside waiting for the doors to open. No one was wearing their jumper. Emily started to worry a little and I started to worry a lot. At the last minute I decided to run the 5 minutes home and grab her shorts and sneakers instead. Emily tied her shoes on the way to school and we made it just in time. Turns out that there were still a handful of kids wearing their jumpers and I realized sheepishly that she would have been fine.

I should have just reassured Emily instead of running home so I apologized to her as we walked into her new school. Emily replied by saying "It's OK mom, I know you just wanted my first day to be perfect. I think it is going to be fine." Then off walked my baby girl who is now a big kid as she smiled and waved as she went to get in line. My heart only broke a little and I made it to the car before I shed a few tears.

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I had to blink back a few tears as I read it.