Change of Address

UGH. So about a month ago I was shopping on Etsy for favors for my sister in law's baby shower. I found the cutest homemade soaps that looked exactly like animal crackers. Perfect! I convo'd the seller to make sure she could fill and ship the order in time and whala. It was done. Almost two weeks before the shower I got an email letting me know that the order was shipped and should be here in no time. The first week came and went and still the order had not arrived. Starting to worry a little I went online to try and track the order and couldn't come up with anything.

Long story short my order was sent to my old address in PA (which I forgot to update) and was then in the process of being forwarded to KS (or so I hoped) or maybe being shipped back to the seller. Either way I was in a panic not only because I was going to be without favors for my shower but what the heck was I going to do with all that soap?

I contacted the seller and she promised to watch for it too. I checked the mail everyday saying a little prayer of hope just to be disappointed. At 10:00 the morning of the shower (which started at 1) we got the soap. *happy dance!*

You would think I would have learned but I did the same thing when I ordered Emily's piano lessons books from Amazon. I had to reschedule her first practice because the books are in route from PA back to KS. I almost did it again when I logged in to order Pizza online too. Whew! What a little treat it would have been for the new residents in our old apartment if I wouldn't have caught that!

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