Made By Mabelette- Popcorn Cake

Every year since Bret was in kindergarten (this year makes 25 years) he has taken a popcorn cake to either school or work to celebrate his birthday. This year he wanted to take it today because last Friday there was no morning conference. I went to a friends house to watch movies last night and didn't get home until really late. As I was setting my alarm for this morning I was thinking to myself that Bret had a great birthday and it occurred to me that I almost forgot about the dang popcorn cake. So I set my alarm for even earlier (bummer since Em is on spring break which meant we all could have slept in) and made the cake this morning.

Popcorn Cake

16 cups of popped popcorn
1/2 cup oil 1/2 cup margarine 1 lb marshmallows 1 lb roasted peanuts 1 lb M & M's Melt together oil, margarine, and marshmallows until smooth. Set aside and let cool to room temperature. Mix together popcorn,peanuts, and M&M's. Pour marshmallow mix over and mix using buttered hands. Press into a sprayed angel food cake pan. Turn over onto a plate and enjoy!


Wonder said...

YUM! thanks for the great idea :). I am your newest follower from Skip to my lou. happy day to you!


LOVE LOVE your popcorn cake and HOW CUTE for Easter!

Myself and 2 other great bloggers are hosting THIS WEEK'S CRAVINGS and the theme this week is "EASTER COOKIES & TREATS" and I think this is a great recipe for that! We would love for you to stop on by and link up your recipe if you wish! Hope to see you there!!! :-)


Little Brick Ranch said...

I LOVE this idea - I have never seen this before - bravo!! This would be perfect for my Foodie Friday linky party - stop by this week and link up!

If you have a sec, feel free to pop over now to enter my GIVEAWAY!

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