Old Man turns 30

Bret, I can call you old man because you are younger than me by 5 months. Remember the other day when we were at a Hibachi restaurant and we overheard Palmer telling the family next to us how old he and his siblings were. The next thing he told them was that his mom was a lot older than his dad. We all got a good laugh out of that. We had our second date on your 19th birthday and have spent the next 11 together as well. On your 20th birthday you paid for our dinner because I didn't have any money. For your 21st birthday we celebrated a week early with a big party because you spent the day after your actual 21st birthday taking the MCAT's exam. We went to the casinos instead. We are both completely different people now at 30 than we were when we met at 19. We have become working adults and parents. I would wager that we have changed more in the last 10 years than we will during any other decade of our lives. I love this new you now more than ever. I am so proud of you. This last year has been one of the more challenging of our 11 years. Not the most challenging but more so than others. Your integrity and strength continues to awe me. I am proud that the foundation of which is our marriage and family is rock solid for us to continue to build upon in the coming years and with many changes in our near future. For your birthday I wish for you to have a smooth rest of your residency, success on your boards, a replenishing trip to Hawaii, new friends in Garden City, good health, and a profitable first year of practice. You are my best friend, your children's hero, your family's pride, and a gift as a friend. Love, Adriana

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Brittney said...

What a perfect, loving b'day message. Happy Birthday to your hubby!:)