Date Night

*Mabel is taking this Monday off because she had to work over the weekend and didn't have time to do anything new but will be back next Monday! Saturday morning we took the kids to swimming lessons and then I headed off to work an open house at the college while Bret took all three kids home for the afternoon on his own. Needless to say we were both tapped and ready for a night off (we love our kids but sometimes we just need a break). We got a babysitter and then tried to decide what to do. Dating your spouse when you have kids can be a very expensive (but necessary) endeavor at times. Adding the babysitter bill to the cost of anything you decide to do even if it is just a movie makes it kind of expensive. We are really looking forward to having family close by to be a burden on for times like these. For Christmas one of the docs gave Bret a gift card to a fancy resturant and we decided this was just what we needed. So I quickly made reservations while Bret jumped in the shower. Just having a reason to dress up for the night started our evening out just right. We had a really nice time. We got slightly buzzed on some fun martini's (although Bret insisted the second drink he ordered come on the rocks instead of a martini glass) and had a fabulous dinner. Most importantly we had a kids free night and felt like Bret and Adriana for a few hours instead of mom and dad. Bret made a joke that we were celebrating 11 years of dating that started just a few weeks from now. That is over a 1/3 of our lives together. The time goes by so quickly but it makes me feel good to know that even after 11 years we can still go to dinner and have a really great date. We spent a lot of our time talking about how the following morning was going to go. In anticipation of our vacation this summer to Hawaii Bret and I are in the process of getting our scuba diving certification. I have been very nervous and feeling a bit in over my head about this whole experience. The one thing that keeps me from running from the room screaming is that Bret is doing it with me. He on the other hand is so excited and can hardly wait. The first class was in a classroom going over the basics of the equipment and safety. This I can handle although after seeing how quickly Bret has completely memorized everything gone over briefly once I have some studying to do. Yesterday was our first day in the water with equipment. To say that I was nervous was an understatement. Turns out I really liked it. No, I loved it. I am so excited to go scuba diving and the nervousness has really faded away. It is great that they show you how to handle any situation and knowing what to do totally takes away my panic. Maybe next week I will remember my camera although we look pretty silly in our scuba gear.

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