When we had our house in Wichita, KS I had decorations for every holiday. During their off season they were all neatly packed away in our storage closet in a labeled tub. When we moved into our tiny apartment our "storage area" was so so small that getting to anything was a hug ordeal. It mean completely turning our closet area upside down trying to find things. Much to Bret's dismay almost every holiday I still insisted that we dig through piles to find the decorations and get festive for the seasons. This year...not so much.

I decorated for Christmas. I hung my Halloween wreath and got out the Halloween table cloth (only because I needed the kids' trick or treat buckets and it was in the same tub). Otherwise that is about it. As I was driving home from the planning meeting for Palmer's school egg hunt I only then realized that I have not gotten a single Easter decoration out. I love my Easter decorations because it is first glimpse of spring my house. As much as I love them I am still not quite motivated to dig them all out just to pack them all away in a few short months.

I have tried really hard to live in the now the last four years. Sometimes it was a real challenge because in the back of my head I sometimes thought "what is the point we are moving in a few years anyways". My kids are the point. I want them to feel like we have a home here. I want them to remember our years here in PA as home for the years we were here. The only room in the apartment I took anytime to actually decorate is their room. Everytime I think about how much I would like a new couch or how our bookcase is falling apart I stop myself from spending anything because I KNOW that this is only temporary.

This year all effort has gone out the window. With us being so close to moving the little motivation that I had is gone. We will still decorate eggs, have our egg hunt, and set out our baskets for the bunny to fill (and to take to church to bless on Easter). It will still feel like Easter and next year I promise to out do myself.

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