Lil' shoppers

In our house the most precious commodity is time. More specifically time with Bret. One of the things that Bret does really well is recognize that even the most mundane errands can be an opportunity for him to spend one on one time with his kids. So when Bret goes to get his truck washed or goes to get his hair cut he always takes Palmer. For Emily it was always a given that anything that has to do with shopping she is in.

A new Food Lion grocery store opened up close by and Emily was so excited to find out that they have mini shopping carts that are just her size. There is a big flag on her cart that says "shopper in training". Emily takes the list I make and a pen and with her shopping cart right next to Bret's she is ready for business. This new found tradition of theirs is something that they both enjoy. Bret says that sometimes it scares him how much Emily sounds like me when she is trying to reason with him why they need strawberries even though they are not on the list or how they should buy an extra package of steaks because they are on sale and she loves steaks. Emily loves to grocery shop with her own cart and she loves getting face time alone with her dad. I hope it is something they will continue to do together for years to come.

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LegalMist said...

That's so wonderful. It's great that instead of looking at it as a chore, they are able to have fun together. :)