Almost a toddler

Logan Blaine is so close to walking. He will take a step or two off the couch or in between Bret and I . He is standing in the middle of the room on his own for a few seconds before he falls down. We all know that it is just a matter of a few days before he is really walking. Only a few days after that we are sure he will be running to never slow down again.

It is really fun to see him so proud of himself for these new accomplishments. It is also fun to see how much he changes everyday. A tiny part of me though wonders constantly how it is that these children of mine grow so fast and get so much older right before my eyes.

Both Logan and Emily are going through a huge growth spurt. For breakfast this morning Logan ate two frozen waffles, a handful of grapes, and a sippy cup of milk. We joke in our house because Logan is eating as much as Emily and Palmer and seems to never be full. Palmer has been going through a "not really interested in food no matter what it is" stage right now. When Emily went through this before we panicked and stressed that something was wrong or that she was going to be a really picky eater. Turns out it was just a stage. The next week our kids will consume everything in site. We encourage them to make good food choices when they are hungry and they must finish their meals before they can eat anything else but otherwise we don't fight them on it.

Emily put some jeans on the other day and I would have bet money that they were a size 5 by the way they were fitting her instead of the 6's that they were. I am shocked that she is already wearing a size seven (albeit with adjustable waists because the girl is still as skinny as a rail).

As the three of them continue to grow older every second I continue to try and soak it all in. Life passes by so quickly that I want to relish and enjoy every single second of it. Even though this will be our third child's first steps they are so uniquely his and an entirely different experience than any other.

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Brittney said...

Aww, what a sweet post. Makes you want to appreciate every second that much more, huh? Enjoy your beautiful children:)