Fatty Friday

I made it to the gym three times this week. That alone feels really good. Bret has been doing an amazing job with his portion control and food choices and that has really motivated me as well. It is not a good feeling when I look at his portion at dinner and then look at mine and realize I am eating more. This has motivated me to put some back before I even start to eat and that is always a good thing. Bret says that it takes a week or so but then it gets much easier because your stomach is smaller. He also told me that even if I need a small snack later that is better than over eating at dinner.

I decided to start all of us taking vitamins more consistently. Lots of colds, flu, strep throat, have been floating around and I figure it can't hurt. Water has been the biggest challenge. There is nothing worse than a terrible headache in the evenings from dehydration and I get them a lot. I want my kids to have healthy habits and have found that by having water in a sippy cup for the boys and a water bottle for Emily readily available naturally encourages them to drink more water during the day. Neither of my parents ever drank water. EVER. My mom is from a country where water is never a drink you choose to drink. My dad just never drank water. We have been working harder to encourage them to drink water with their meals more often.

When it comes to cooking I have decided I need new motivation. I love our family recipes and our tried and true favorites. However, a big portion of them are not low calorie. So my goal this weekend is to get some new recipe books. I plan to start at the library and then maybe head to a book store. We still have a couple of gift cards from Christmas to a bookstore that I may decide to get. My frustration in not getting enough veggies into my children continues. Emily and Palmer do OK at dinner. Logan not so much. Lately he has been more and more stubborn when it comes to eating his veggies. At this age there is no threats to make. He will pick around things he doesn't want to eat and if you try to feed it to him he spits it back out. We keep trying and trying. I have heard a lot of good things about the Deceptively Delicious cookbook that has you puree veggies and sneak them into meals kids love. At this point I am willing to try anything so we may see if that one is available at the library also.

I have to keep telling myself that this process is a journey. I am not trying to diet. I am trying to make permanent lifestyle changes for myself and my family. Sometimes this seems like so much work. I keep waiting for something to get easier or to become an automatic habit.

In the end this week I am down a total of 8 pounds. I am happy that I continue to lose the weight albeit slowly. It has helped a lot that people seem to be noticing and commenting a lot. Bret thinks I have added a lot more muscle from the workouts and that the inches are coming off faster than the pounds for me. I hope he is right. Either way I am only two pounds away from my next reward and that is a great motivation this week.


Darci said...

I think you can get the Deceptively Delicious cookbook for super cheap on amazon! I will say that the dessert recipes aren't actually that great.

Adriana said...

Thanks Darci! That is a great idea...I forget about gently used books online. Did you try any of the other recipes? That is kind of a bummer cause the dessert ones were the ones I was most interested in.

Julie said...

I put a can of pumpkin in our chili. You can't taste it and it adds so many nutrients.

Julie said...

Why can't you see the damn comments???!!!!

Julie said...

Damn blog!!! Love ya girl!!

Brittney said...

So exciting - good for you on making such important lifestyle choices:) Your kids are going to be all the better for them. Good luck with everything!