Snow Days

I love snow days. The best part of working for a college is that occasionally we have a snow day. Just the possibility makes it exciting even if it doesn't happen all the time. With kids in school it is even more exciting. We had snow last night but only enough for a two hour delay. BOO! I know some parents want their kids in school as much as possible but I on the other hand am always cheering for a snow day.

In our house snow days mean playing outside until we are pink the face. Then we come in a strip out of wet clothes, stay in our cozy PJ's all day, drink hot cocoa, and watch movies and read books. Most times we also bake cookies and make a cozy soup for dinner.

Our lives sometimes get so busy and hectic that slowing down and enjoying a lazy day is such a gift. Spending this time with my kids is so special. Even though it wasn't a snow day today I think we will act like it is this weekend and go sledding.

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