Good Times

Last night before falling asleep Bret asked me if this is what I thought it would feel like. He didn't even have to explain what he was talking about because I knew. For a long time now we have been working with this moment in mind. The time when we were so close to being done with residency. When we got a nice check in the mail for a sign on bonus, moving expenses, a promise of a big check twice a month from here on out.

We bought a house over the weekend. Actually we made an offer, got a counter offer, we counter offered, they counter offered, we counter offered, and they finally accepted. We couldn't be more excited.

Nine months ago when Bret and I started looking at jobs and places to live he pulled up this great house online and showed me the pictures. He asked me what I thought and it was love at first sight. Then he proceeded to tell me where the house was and I kind of wrinkled my nose thinking I wasn't sure that was a place I wanted to live. But I loved the house. I got a little sad though because the house had already been on the market for 8 months already. The chances it would be available another year later was close to impossible.

When we went for the first interview the house was off the market under contract. When we went for a second interview it was back on the market with the price dropped by $40,000. Still a long way from being able to make an offer and even longer until we closed I kept telling myself it wasn't going to happen. Against all odds we have an accepted contract and a closing date of June 15th which couldn't be more perfect. I am in love. I feel like we have a house our family can grow in.

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