Fatty Friday

How did your week go? Mine was OK. I started off with a bang..then reality hit.

The first two days I documented every single calorie that I consumed and kept track of everything in Sparkpeople. Towards the end of the second day (Bret was home early post call) I had an unexpected wake up call. Bret told me that he was really concerned that I continued to try and keep track of every single calorie I would stop all together. The bottom line was that it was taking an incredible amount of time and I spent way too much time stressing over what I ate, how many calories the tsp of mayo that I used had, if the chicken breast that I was eating for dinner was the right number of ounces, etc, etc, etc. He was totally right. I was already really sick of worrying and fretting and trying to keep track of how many calories I was consuming at all times. It was not going to work.

So instead I sat down and made a new plan. Here I gave myself 4-6 options for different breakfasts, snacks, lunches, and dinners. All within the same caloric range of each other. This way I had a pretty good idea of how many calories I was taking in without the stress of exact numbers. It has been working pretty good.

Other tips that I found was that I should not go out to eat unless I pick a restaurant that is diet friendly (like Subway or Applebees) or look at the menu and decide what to eat before I get there. With Bret asking me what he should eat (because now he is trying to eat healthier and lose weight too) and the kids wanting attention I started to feel overwhelmed and panicky looking at the menu. It was not fun.

I made to the gym twice this week so far and it was tough. I was sore but thrilled that I went. Then disaster hit. Tuesday night I went out with some friends for a birthday dinner and I barely made it home before I was exploding dinner out of every oraface. It was the worst food poisoning I have ever had and it was the night before Logan's birthday. I am just now finally getting all of my strength back. That said I haven't been back to the gym but plan to go this weekend.

Bret is still on the bandwagon and I am really really proud of him. I will be the first to admit that I had serious doubts about his committement. He hasn't made it to the gym yet but we have a deal that if he goes at least twice a week I won't bug him about it we will see. Bret has been watching his portions and food choices and has seriously cut back on the beer and upped the water in take. I think it is a move in the right direction for him. When Bret found out about the rewards he wanted to know what he was going to get. Some how he missed the self rewarding part although he is super stoked about the weekend away with no kids. I guess I didn't really ever think of it as a reward for him too.

The good news is that the food poisoning helped my weight loss right along. Now I just have to keep from gaining all of the weight back. So in the end here is my current stats:
I have lost 7 pounds!!! Like I said before I know a lot of it was the food poisoning and getting pretty dehydrated. Just to be on the safe side I am going to wait until next Friday's weigh in before scheduling my 5 pound reward....which is an hour long massage. Since this weekend is Logan's birthday party I am fine with waiting a week. I am motivated to stay with it and am looking forward to going to they gym a few more times a week.

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Darci said...

Sounds like the Devil Wears Prada:
"I'm one stomach flu away from my goal weight."