I believe in fate. I believe that God has a plan and that we have to trust in him. Sometimes that is really hard for me to do.

During Bret's job search this past fall there was a hospital in a town that was much closer to my family. It was job that we looked at very very closely. We talked over and over again about our choices and options. We talked about this job a lot. There was just something about the town, the hospital, and the doctors that just did not seem to feel quite right to Bret and I. It was just not where we thought we needed to be. It would have been a much easier option for me location wise to family.

Choosing the town and the job that we did was a bit of a leap of faith for me. It is a small town (the smallest I have every lived in) in a very remote part of Kansas. It is about 7 hours driving from where my parents are right now. It is not a place that I ever thought I would want to live. But we believe it is where we are supposed to be.

Recently we learned that the hospital that offered the other job we almost took is closing their in-patient services. This means that their OB department is done. They will either have to do clinic services only (which would have literally killed Bret) or find work else where. Had we accepted that job we would be looking again at uncertain futures. Although we don't always get what we asked for I will gladly take the sign I asked for that we made the right decision.

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