Logan is 1

Dear Logan,

I almost didn't get your letter done in time. Mommy got food poisoning last night and is still recovering from it. I hope you had an awesome birthday even though mommy was feeling pretty awful.

I can't believe you are one. This has to have been the fastest passing year of my life. From day one, literally (since you didn't come until after your due date by c-section), you have gone through life at your own pace. You crawled when you were ready, you will walk and talk when you are ready, and you will do great and awesome things...when you are good and ready.

You have a smile that lights up the world. Every facet of your face from your eyes to your nose beams when you smile. Daddy could have had the worse day ever but when he comes home and you smile so big and point at him his mood lifts immediately. It's almost as if you are saying "hey I know that guy!!".

Your big sister thinks that she is in charge of you but you and I both know how tight you have her wrapped around her pinkie. She cannot stand to hear you cry and will do some of the most ridiculous things to get you to smile. Although you weigh almost as much as she does she carries you around as if you were her doll and you never mind.

Palmer is your best bud. The two of you already wrestle and play rougher than I would like. You fight over toys and works pretty hard to get you to be quiet when you start to fuss. Seeing you with your two older siblings makes me smile. You love being where they are at all times. You look all over the place for them. If you hear the name Emily on TV you look around for her even when she is at school. Although it drives them crazy when you change the channel or get into their things I think Palmer said it best tonight when he said "Logan is the best brother ever".

We all adore you. You are always willing to do whatever or go wherever. You never really complain and you enjoy taking it all in. You love to eat and drink your milk. Palmer always has a snack nearby or some chocolate milk that you know you are not really supposed to have but bug brother enough and he always shares with you.

You have the craziest laugh. It is not a giggle or at all what you would think would come from a one year old. It is more like a grunt and "ehhh ehhh ehhh". It always makes us laugh too. You have the brightest blue eyes and crazy thin blond hair. You love bath time and swimming. You love to read books and play with your toys. You are the happiest and most loved little boy. It is hard to imagine what our family was like before you were apart of it. Happy Birthday!



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