You what the worst possible time for your one year old, who shares a room with you and who usually sleeps through the night, to wake up crying and not wanting to go back to sleep is? An hour and a half before you have to get up. That last hour of sleep always feels so precious. Just a tiny bit more time and it wouldn't have mattered. However, at that point you are will to break all parenting rules and give them whatever they want to get the kid to shut up and go back to sleep.

Logan, who gets a pass because tomorrow is his birthday, woke up crying uncontrollably this morning at 5:00 am. After two failed attempts to get him to lay back down in his crib and go back to sleep I finally succumbed and broke several parenting rules by letting him come into bed with us. After some serious tossing, turning, and crawling on top of me he finally fell asleep.

Remember that whole start going to the gym to lose weight crap? Yeah so my arms are just a tad bit sore and having baby boy wanting to lay on one of them doesn't feel so great. Just as it started to go numb enough for me to fall back asleep Bret's alarms goes off. Bret has this terrible habit of setting his alarm for a half hour before he actually plans on getting out of bed. You know..the snooze button pusher.

UGH!! All I wanted was just a tiny bit more sleep. Big surprise but guess who is taking a nap right now? NOT ME!

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