So who's brilliant idea was it to have a milk and cookies 1st birthday party theme? Yeah that would be me.

What the hell was I thinking? Of course there was going to be cookies left over (good cookies I might add). I love me some cookies.

You know what I love as much as cookies? Cake.

Logan loved his cake too.

It was a simple white cake with butter cream frosting dyed brown to look like a cookie. The "chips" were chocolate wafers. Logan ate about 1/4 of the cake and all of the wafers he could find. One of the mom's made the comment "wow I can't believe how much cake he is actually eating". Without missing a beat Emily replied "my mom makes good cake". LOVE IT!

So back to the temptation of cookies and cake. I had Bret take the rest of the cookies to hospital. Nurses love sweets. Bret said he took a bunch to the clinic, labor floor, and resident lounge. Then much to my horror he went and grabbed the last few before they disappeared to bring some home. WTH? WHY would he do that? Apparently I am not the only one with a weakness for cookies.

So far they have been sealed in a ziplock and no one but the kids have touched them. So far. Maybe we will freeze them...would hate to see them go to waste.

To add insult to injury one of the party guests brought some gourmet cupcakes from a new bakery to the party. OK so who brings gourmet cupcakes to a birthday party? A young single intern resident with no kids that's who. I love her and it was such an awesome gestured but she is really trying to kill me. Seriously. I tried to insist she take some with me to which she replied..."I'm trying to watch what I eat". I kid you not.

So we decided that we would eat one cupcake per day and all share it. The kids decided to eat one each which is fine. Not like they couldn't seriously use the extra calories anyways. Emily had a strawberry shortcake one. I had a tiny bite and it was to die for. Palmer had a chocolate death one. I tried a tiny taste of the frosting and almost passed out from sugar and chocolate overload. Bret and I shared a carrot cake one with cream cheese frosting. Bret told me I needed to work on my frosting recipes. Apparently buttercream is not good enough. I had to agree though. The cupcakes were good but the frostings were to die for. Literally. Then I did something I never thought possible. I let Palmer eat part of a chocolate peanut butter cupcake and tossed the rest. Into the trash. Like without a bite taken out of two cupcakes. I almost cried and couldn't believe I did this. But I had to. For three days all I thought about was the three cupcakes sitting in my kitchen getting stale by the minute waiting to be tasted. To be devoured. People believe me when I tell you that I was dreaming about cupcakes. No one said it was going to be easy but gourmet cupcakes were more than I could handle.

So please join me in a moment of silence for our fallen friends.

On an up note I have made it to the gym three times this week.

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