Fatty Friday Week 2

So the honeymoon is over people. I am not going to lie this week was tough. It started out great with me getting to the gym three times. Eating has not been good. We ate Chinese for dinner and let's just say there wasn't anything steamed in our boxes.

But hey, each day is a new day and I refuse to beat myself up for making poor food choices now and then. Even though I knew that I would probably gain some of the food poisoning weight back I was still hoping to avoid it. So without further ado my weight loss is still at five pounds total. I have scheduled my one hour massage and I am going to enjoy it because I deserve it. The cake, cupcakes, and cookies are gone. The fridge is full of great fruits and veggies, fat free yogurt, and the pantry and freezer has lots of healthy options to go to. I am committed. Bret is also sticking with it. He has yet to make it to the gym.

The stubborn ass. He is so stubborn that last Sunday I told him that he has a choice to make either he goes to the gym with me that day or he was doing all of the laundry. Bret has not done laundry since we moved to PA 3 and half years ago. Believe me when I tell you he did FIVE loads of laundry. I helped him fold a load but he did everything else. Now that is some serious stubbornness. He did get a great workout taking the kids sledding twice this week. Pulling two kids around the yard and up and down a hill a million times is not easy work. I did it a few times and was completely out of breath.

The bottom line is that we are sticking with it. We are striving towards our goals and not giving up. Hope you had a great week also.

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