It is really hard to live in the now. In 5 months we are moving to a new town, new house, Bret is starting a new job, and essentially we will be starting a new part of our lives. So what happens in the mean time?

Although I have yet to tender my resignation my boss and coworkers know we are moving and that I will stop working the end of May. Originally I planned to stop working the 15th of June which is right before Bret graduates. Surprisingly Bret mentioned that he thought the last week of May would be better so I had sometime to get things ready to move. No arguments here!

I have never been one to check out of work early when I knew I was leaving. This is mostly due to having a busy job and trying really hard to get things in order so I can leave. However this time is a little different in that the time that I am leaving is really far from now. I find myself not really driven to work harder and avoiding going above and beyond and simply getting the work done instead. We find ourselves avoiding getting the kids started in something new because we plan to start when we move.

My plan to attack this attitude is goal setting and trying to live in the now. We have a list of all the things to do, places to see, and things to experience we want to get done before we leave. I have been working in the kids' classrooms a lot and I am loving that. For the most part though it is a struggle we all face regularly. The kids define time in "before we move" and "after we move to KS". Emily asked me the other day if we were going to have her birthday before or after we move. Tough questions and feelings and I fear it is only the beginning for all of us.

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