Treading Water

Both of my kids are in swim lessons all winter long. They love swimming and I get the lessons for half price at the college I work at. I love watching the kids learn how to swim. It's like this light bulb goes off when they go from being terrified to fearless. They go from not wanting to get their face wet to staying under water so long that you worry they will never come up for air.

One of the things they have to learn how to do is tread water. The kids tread water while learning with just their nose out of the water. So you see these kids with their arms and legs going a million miles per hour trying to keep their head above water and for the most part they barely keep their face out of water. Knowing how to tread water it is amazing how hard they work at something that requires such small movements to work.

This is how I am feeling this week. I feel like I am moving a lightening speed in all directions yet I can barely keep my face out of the water. I also know that I just need to let go. Small movements will get me so much farther along. It feels like since Christmas break we have been going nonstop. With two birthdays, buying a house, my dad's car accident and trying to help him, work, Bret's work, and the kids' school stuff I am worn thin. Add on top of that trying to lose some weight and both boys being sick with the stomach flu this week and it was about all I could handle.

The funny thing is that I look around me and the kids are fine, Bret is great, and the rest of our family are doing fine too. They are treading with little movement and their heads completely above water. I am the one sinking. So this is me trying to relax, slow down, and follow their lead. Everything will get done, everyone will get over being sick, the move will go without a hitch and so will the house, and dad's stuff will get done when it gets done. One day at a time.

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