Ready or Not

Christmas is coming.

That is kind of how I feel. We are leaving for Kansas in just a week and a half. No I am not hyperventilating yet. I have a few things still to get for Logan and I plan to get all of the kids a few things of clothes and then they are done. The kids are done. Whew. I still have somethings to buy for the rest of our family but nothing to crazy. I have a huge project underway that I pray will get done before we leave for KS. It will totally be worth it to see the look on this person's face when they open it.

I have bought myself all of one Christmas present...a water bottle. Bret is on call this weekend so we have a babysitter lined up on Monday since he gets off early and he and I are going to go shop for each other...together.

I was talking to the mom's at the bus stop the other morning and I was surprised to hear that several of them do not exchange gifts with their husbands. Believe me I know that sometimes when money is tight you just try and go without and give to your kids. However, it really is the thought that counts. We give so much to everyone else I strongly believe that it doesn't take much to give your spouse a little love to.

One year Bret and I gave each other a $25 limit. We both bought each other two gifts. We each got each other the exact same board game without knowing it. How crazy is that? Most of the time Bret gets me what I ask for but every now and then he surprises me. I love it. It is not about the money at all. It is more about thinking about the person you love and wanting to get them something they will like or could use. Bret got me perfume one year and it was definitely not a brand that I would have ever picked out. In fact when I smelled it I was worried how I was ever going to get through the big bottle he bought (and it wasn't cheap). Out of shear wifely duty I wore it. You know what? As strange as it may sound it smelled completely different on me then when I smelled the bottle. I know crazy but I swear it's true. I actually really liked it and wore it all the time.

Bret is a little harder to buy for. When you ask him what he wants he draws a complete blank. It sucks. Not only does he not have any ideas for me but nothing for his parents/my sister/his sister/etc. It's not that he doesn't need anything he just pays no attention and can't come up with anything. Lucky his wife knows him so well.

Bret and I were laughing the other day because we can honestly say that for the first time in 11 years since we started dating we could buy each other pretty much anything the other wanted (within reason) because money is finally not an issue. Neither of us really want anything though. We are so very very blessed. We are truly happy. We are on the verge of moving across country in a few short months and part of that will include buying a house and purchasing somethings to put into said house. Most likely I will buy a new pair of jeans and we both need shoes. Funny how that works ya know?

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